Museums Showoff Wakefield, 16 April 2015 – SIGN UP!

Hello Wakefield! Hello the rest of Yorkshire!

Do you love museums?

Have you got something to say about them?

Do you want tell a lovely audience that also thinks museums are ace?

How about over a drink one evening?

Amazing! We’ve got news for you!

Museums Showoff, the cabaret-style night for all those who work in and love museums, is coming to Wakefield! We’ve teamed up with Hepworth Wakefield and The Art House for some top class museum-related entertainment at the Hepworth on Thursday 16 April. We want to hear all your museum-related stories, behind-the-scenes gossip, amazing projects and intriguing insights. You can talk about it, sing about it, do a dance or put on a play. Just as long as it’s 9 minutes or less.

We’re looking for curators, explainers, conservators, trustees, directors, designers, volunteers, critics, visitors services assistants, visitors, funders, academics, cleaners, security guards…or anyone else with something to show off about museums.

If you would like 9 minutes to tell us anything about museums in any way you like, sign up here:

If you’re wondering what this Showoff malarkey is all about, and whether you should take part, look here:



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