Museums Showoff 20, September 29 – SIGN UP!


Do you love museums?

Have you got something to say about them?

Do you want tell a lovely audience that also thinks museums are ace?

How about over a drink one evening?

Amazing! We’ve got news for you!


We’re kicking off a new season of chaotic cabaret on Tuesday 29 September at The Slaughtered Lamb. We’re looking for anyone with tales to tell about museums – fundraisers, retail people, volunteers, security folk, curators, funders, academics, visitor services assistants… or anyone else who fancies 9 minutes to show off about museums in anyway they like. You can talk, dance, sing, recite poetry, tell jokes, whatever you like as long as it’s about museums, heritage and collections.

If you want 9 minutes to tell us about museum-y drama, intrigue, derring-do, incredible ideas, amazing objects or behind-the-scenes insights sign up here:

Please do not sign up if you’ve performed for us since February 2015.

If you’re wondering what on earth this showing off thing is all about, and whether you should join in, look here:


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