Museums Showoff 22, Feb 2 – SIGN UP!

We’ve had A LOT of fun at our last gigs.

We’ve had intriguing, amazing, witty and sometimes just down right bizarre tales from museums. What more is there to discover about museums, their collections, their visitors, the people who work in them and what they get up to? Well you tell us!

Do have something to say about museums? Want to talk / sing / dance / tell jokes / recite poetry about it? Then you’re our kind of person!

Museums Showoff, the cabaret-style event for all those who love museums, will be back on 2 February 2016 at The Slaughtered Lamb. We’re looking for curators, explainers, conservators, trustees, directors, designers, volunteers, critics, visitors services assistants, shop assistants, security staff, funders, academics…or anyone else with something to show off about museums.

If you haven’t performed for us in the last 6 months and you’d like 9 minutes to show off anything about museums in any way you’d like, sign up to strut your stuff on stage here:

If you’re wondering what this showing off thing is all about, and whether you should take part, read this:


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