Museums Showoff, Nov 21 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!


We’ve lined up top museum talent to entertain, astound and intrigue you. Join us on Tuesday 21 November, downstairs at The Phoenix. Doors open at 6.45pm, the show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are £6 (+ 60p booking fee). Get one here:

Taking to the stage for this extravaganza of wit & wisdom, objects & exhibitions will be:

Naomi Paxton – she acts, she does magic, she’s an expert on suffrage plays AND she’s your compere for the night! Find out more about our multi-talented MC here:

Terri Dendy & Vicky Singleton – Namstall – Installing the new national army museum. How do you install the collection back into a museum? Well, you can be sure it doesn’t always go to plan! We won’t tell you how to do it but we’ll give you an idea of how the namstall team got through it with good humour, collections care and exceptional speed.

Tatiana der Parthogh – Some people can’t keep their hands off other people’s stuff. One hears about home burglaries, bank robberies & jewellery thefts and these are not too different from the more elaborate museum heists. The Art Loss Register’s Tatiana der Parthogh, who’s background includes art & forensics, will shed light on the lesser known aspects of art recovery.

David Hingley – Operations is a specialism too! A Light-hearted look at the bizarre but necessary world of ‘Operations’ (possibly shot through with moments of heartache and darkness). What is Ops? Why isn’t it a ‘specialism’? Does a good evacuation plan really drive visitor numbers? And how do you get staff to return all that cutlery they’ve ‘borrowed’ from the visitor cafes? Finally, and most tangentially, will anything Palace Operations have planned affect the milk?

Jack Ashby – Natural history museum displays are biased in many ways: not all animals are created equally. Is it fair that specimens of the boring beasts we find in our everyday lives, like cats, chickens, mice, rats, cows and dogs have been banished from the galleries? INTRODUCING…. The Museum of Ordinary Animals!

Ruby Hodgson – “If fashion is to play a part in the museum, I think it should not be done at the expense of the other and more serious activities of the Textiles Department”. So wrote GFW Digby in 1971, then Curator of Textiles at the V&A. Join Ruby to look at the historic dismissal and marginalisation of “women’s things” in museum collections, early curators of dress, and the impact they’ve had on how we perceive fashion in museums today.

Sarah Titheridge – Ever wondered how art and artefacts get on the walls, a plinth or hang from the ceiling, move from place to place, live their life when not on display? Sarah Titheridge will take us behind the scenes of the art and artefact technical world so you can see the unseen, from A to Z!

Tom Verran –  I’ll be talking about the red ropes and closed doors that blight so many museums and historic houses. What secrets lie behind them? What treasures are being kept from us? Am I the only person who works in museums just to get that sweet access to forbidden places?!

Michael McHugh – The Lexicon of the Bad Museum is an ongoing public archive and ethnographic project designed to document and record some of the amazing language used by museum professionals in a wide range of contexts within the heritage industry.



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