The Future of Museums

Manifesto for the Future of Museums

We are pleased to publish the Manifesto for the Future of Museums (pdf), written by the participants of the Future of Museums conference.

The conference was held at UCL on 3 April 2014 with the aim of giving early career museum professionals the opportunity to rethink the sector. In twenty years’ time they will be the people running the museums sector, what do they want that sector to look like? Sixty five participants, all within six years of their first entry-level museum job, spent the day discussing their ideas, visions and aspirations. In the subsequent weeks they have written and refined their ideas, producing the chapters of this manifesto.

The impetus for organising this conference was our growing awareness of the high level of disenfranchisement felt by early career museum professionals. We hope that this manifesto not only starts a debate about the ideas and views it contains, but will also lead senior museums professionals to engage more with the sector’s future leaders.

Follow up events
We are planning follow up events to discuss the ideas in the manifesto. Watch this space!

About us
The conference was organised by Rachel Souhami with help from Steve Cross, and hosted by UCL’s Department of Public and Cultural Engagement. Rachel is a museums academic, exhibitions consultant & creative producer of Museums Showoff. Steve is a public engagement consultant, performer and producer.

Got questions about the manifesto or the conference? Email us:


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